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Why Reface with Solid Wood vs. Laminate

Why Reface with Solid Wood vs. Laminate ?

Laminate cabinet refacing is a process of updating the look of existing cabinets by applying a thin layer of laminate to the surfaces and installing new doors. Laminate can imitate the appearance of wood or provide blocks of color. Laminate cabinet refacing can be done as long as the cabinet boxes are in good shape, otherwise replacement may be necessary. If your cabinet boxes are wood, you’d be surprised what we can do to RENEW them.

However, laminate cabinet refacing is not a good idea for several reasons. Here are some of the drawbacks of laminate cabinet refacing that you should consider before deciding to go for it:

We replace your doors with SOLID WOOD, NOT Laminate.

  • Laminate cabinet refacing is not durable: Laminate is a plastic material that can peel, crack, chip, or fade over time. It is also susceptible to heat, moisture, and scratches. Laminate cabinet refacing may look good at first, but it will not last long and will require frequent repairs or replacements. Laminate cabinet refacing does not add any value to your home and may even lower its appeal to potential buyers.
  • Laminate cabinet refacing is not customizable: Laminate comes in limited colors and styles that may not match your personal taste or your kitchen’s design. Laminate cabinet refacing does not allow you to change the layout, size, or shape of your cabinets. You are stuck with what you have and what is available in the market. Laminate cabinet refacing does not give you the opportunity to express your creativity or personality in your kitchen.
  • Laminate cabinet refacing is not eco-friendly: Laminate is a synthetic material that is made from petroleum and other chemicals. It is not biodegradable and can release harmful toxins into the air and water. Laminate cabinet refacing contributes to environmental pollution and waste. Laminate cabinet refacing does not support sustainability or green living.

I hope this blog post gives you some reasons why laminate cabinet refacing is not a good idea for your kitchen. If you want to RENEW your cabinets without compromising on quality, durability, customization, or eco-friendliness, you should consider other options such as solid wood refacing. If you need more information or inspiration, schedule a free design consultation with us!

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