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Ways to recycle your old cabinet doors!

There are many ways to re-use old cabinet doors. Here are some ideas that you can try:

Art desk: You can turn your old cabinet door into an art desk by adding legs and a few shelves.







Bulletin board: You can use your old cabinet door as a bulletin board by adding cork-board or chalkboard paint.

Chess board: You can create a chess board by painting your old cabinet door with black and white squares.

Clock: You can turn your old cabinet door into a clock by adding clock hands and numbers.

Dry erase message board: You can create a dry erase message board by adding dry erase paint to your old cabinet door.

Headboard: You can create a headboard by attaching two or three old cabinet doors together.

Coat rack: You can create a coat rack by adding hooks to your old cabinet door.

Vase holder: You can create a vase holder by attaching mason jars to your old cabinet door.

We hope these ideas help you get started! Let us know what ideas you come up with or if there’s anything else we can help you with.

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